Some Bible Truths Are Subject to Change

Is biblical truth relative or does it remain the same?

This is a tricky question because it seems to answer anything but “remains the same” would be heretical and contrary to the Word of God. But there’s more to the picture than many acknowledge.

I will be the first to acknowledge, there are Biblical principles that do not change.

-Jesus stays the same – Hebrews 13:8
-God’s power and infinite knowledge does not change
-God’s character and wisdom remains
-All are born in sin
-God hates evil
The list goes on, but there are some things that are not so concrete.

Truth is truth. But some truths change dispensationally…

Dispensation is a Biblical term. It simply means the specific information that God has “dispensed”  and is requiring man to adhere to.

What is true in one part of Scripture may not be true in another….

For instance:
Genesis 2- food is offered as vegetables and fruit only… for man and animals

Genesis 3- man sins; food is offered as plants and animals

Exodus 19- God gives Israel the law; food is specifically outlined as to what one can and cannot eat.

Acts 9- Dispensation of grace is revealed to Apostle Paul; we can eat anything, as long as it is received with thanksgiving

Acts 10- Peter is still observing food laws until Jesus shows him something is changing.

So when it comes to truth, you have to know who the audience is. I cannot tell you that God says you’re only supposed to be a vegetarian because that’s what He told Adam and Eve… WHY?! Even if one were to say “It says it in the Bible.”, we must be more diligent in our reading and studying. The Bible saying it is not enough; you have to view the Bible dispensationally to know what God is instructing for today.

That’s just with food.

Imagine how much more important it is to recognize how God offers salvation today.

It’s not offered, although true in the past/and will be for Israel in the future, through a covenant, law, or the ability to endure to the end, but rather it’s through free grace.

But how do we know this? We see God changing His operation when He reveals the dispensation of grace.

When God revealed to the Apostle Paul a secret that had been hidden, since the world began, everything changed!

See Ephesians 3:1-9; 1 Timothy 1:16; Romans 16:25; and Colossians 1:27

Free salvation to all men, by faith, without works, in Christ accomplished work on the cross and his ressurection for justification was never known before God revealed it.

This is how we study our Bible. We can only respond to what God has currently given for our participation. So, as for truth, we must study to know what is true and correct for us “today!”

Cherry picking, dispensationally, unripe verses may result in a sour outcome. (Bad metaphor, I know.)

Learn to study God’s Word, rightly divided.

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